And Then Comes Spring

Spring is all around us

In the winter season, it is easy to forget that in spite of gray skies and lifeless looking trees, there is something wonderful happening.  Life is begetting life even when we cannot see it.  The same is true for the winters of our souls.  In each of our lives we experience seasons.  Things grow, blossom, and fade away.  As they fade, we often lament.  We grieve over apparent loss and we feel like the light will never shine again.  But spring reminds us that this is never so.  My friends, the spring of the outer world is a sign of the spring of our inner world which is always accessible to us.  Our very existence is an amazing event in God’s eternal Creation.  By God’s grace we can call for the Spring within our heart at any time.  The poem below was written by my mother and is a perfect example of  the creative power willing and able to spring forth through us if we are willing to surrender to it.


By  Jo T. Silva

Inspired by P.S.S.II

Life is divided like seasons of the year
Changes are made in our lives as each season comes near

From infancy to toddler we are cared for and nourished
We still have our innocence and our joy is flourished

We have no worries because we don’t know what they are
We play with angels and fairies and we wish upon a star

And then we become a child and we are given some chores
We are subjected to childhood diseases that cover us with sores

“They” force us to take vaccines; they claim it is a cure
But it is a poison to keep our minds from staying clean and pure

We are trotted off in droves to go to a building called a school
Where we are indoctrinated to forget the golden rule

As we grow to be teens, we are forced by others to conform
Because being different is just not the norm

You are called on the carpet to fight or die
You are nonviolent and you ask the reason why

You are ridiculed and joked and called a bookworm, a nerd
And lots of other names that you had never heard

You pray for peace and angels to encamp about you from above
Because you were taught  to combat evil with love

You make it through the teen years by the grace of God alone
But you’re still an adolescent; you’re not officially grown

But according to the rules you become responsible at eighteen
And your parents admonish you to keep your record clean

Adolescence turns into adulthood and responsibilities grow
You go out into the world and realize how little you know

There is so much to learn and so much to unlearn
But you seek the Holy Spirit to help you to discern

You walk through the difficulties and challenges of life
Trying your utmost to avoid pitfalls and strife

You find that life is like a basketball, inside and out of hoops
You win some. You lose some.  You get time to change the flukes

Each moment, each hour, each day is a new beginning
It’s up to you to decide if you are losing or winning

Your brain is replete with many thoughts with which to deal
How can you be sure which ones are real?

Summer to fall; fall to winter, nature lives and it dies
Underneath the façade of life, somewhere the truth lies

Buried deep within; covered with dead leaves; ice and snow
And then comes Spring
; and suddenly inside you know

You must die to self and be buried before you can truly live
Yeshua, Messiah taught us that in order to receive, we must give

© Jo T. Silva And Then Comes Spring  /12/28/2011

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  1. Thank you PSSII and all of you who like the poem “And Then Comes Spring.”, I can not take full credit because the Holy Spirit writes through me. I just sat at the computer screen and I wasn’t even planning to write a poem and the next thing I knew, it was on the screen.

    This morning I saw my first snow in the mountains. I was sent up here on a missionary and soulsearching journey, if you will. I realized that I have been here through the summer and the fall and now I am experiencing my first winter. It has been a bitter sweet journey and I am growing because of it. I pray that the winter of life will be fair to each of us that we may look forward to being “A beautiful lily” in the spring.

    May the Good Lord Bless and keep you.

    Jo T. Silva, P.O.E.T.


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