As you find me here, I am a person who believes in the perfection of God’s Divine Nature and the imperfection of humanity’s understanding.  I see God as The Absolute and I see the human journey as the continual seeking to know what that means in an uncertain world.  I am certain of Love’s existence and trust that it is the ultimate cause of everything that we see and don’t see.  I believe my purpose in life is to simply be moment to moment and to remain open to the discovery of who I am in relationship with God and neighbor.  With Christ as my guide, I refuse to cast final judgment on anyone or anything, because I do not have the foresight to see how things will turn out over time.  I strive only to walk by faith and not by sight.  My hope from this world is that I can learn how to be a perfect giver and receiver of God’s Love or die trying.  What more can I ask for?

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  1. Pedro,
    It was nice to meet you at Valerie’s shower. I like your ‘about’ post. Would you like to meet a modern mystic, Priest and Master Teacher? He is the one who trained me and will be in Boston next month, Nov 19-22. His name is Father Peter Bowes. Check out the seminars at boston.centersoflight.org. You will be glad you did:) You can also find him on YouTube.
    Blessings that you find what you seek,
    Rev Mary Francis


    • Hi Kerry, How did you find The Roofless Church. Thanks for checking out the blog. I went to yours and you are quite the positive person yourself and you have great travel pics. My family loves to travel too and my wife recently started a non-profit charitable organization called Hearts for Hope (www.hearts4hope.org) in response the natural disaster in Japan. I wish you the best and hope to see you up here again some time soon.


    • Only in my dreams. I came up with this blog and idea well before I even knew that The Roofless Church in New Harmony existed. After I learned of it I traveled there and meditated. I hope to someday hold an event of some sort there. God willing.


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