Accidental Vision

If necessity is the mother of invention then accidents/mistakes are the really sweet step-mother. You never asked for her, but she can come in and cause something to emerge from you that you didn’t even know was present. To make my point, I will highlight just a few inventions that were created by mistake in … More Accidental Vision

Evil Is Laziness

Originally posted on The Roofless Church:
Smile for the Propaganda In writing this post, I am making the assumption that most of you who visit this blog have made the choice to deliberately investigate your life and are open to going as deep as possible to know yourself.  I will also assume that you believe that it is possible…

Enjoyment vs. Fun

Originally posted on The Roofless Church:
A lot of times before I write, I start developing ideas about what I want to say. But when it comes down to the actual writing I just have to see what comes out. You see, I believe there is a difference between creating and making stuff. In my…