Looking For A “Change of Seen?

It is true that what goes around comes around. I originally wrote this post several years ago when i asked myself a question about how I could best serve. The answer was to get into a sense of Flow and to do what I can to remain it. Recently, I asked myself the same question and have determined that cultivating non-anxious presence is how I can best serve. Flow and non-anxiousness are similar spaces. As I continue to work on this, I hope that those who encounter my writings will join me on this journey.

The Roofless Church

In a post I wrote recently, I talked about my desire to live into the Realm of Flow–aka willing surrender–perpetually. I expressed how over the past few months, I’ve been feeling deeply that the best contribution I can be to the communities of which I am a part is to get in the Flow and stay there.  If you didn’t read the post, I shared how I have had several experiences in my life where after some trauma, I would surrender my will and all of a sudden this peace would descend upon me and I would find myself in this comforting state of awareness that everything was working out perfectly. I should express that “working out perfectly” does not mean things went my way. Rather, what would happen is that I would be at peace with the Way things did work out and would find myself unquestioningly knowing…

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