The Beatitudes of the Pastor

I rarely reblog other posts. But, I feel highly qualified to affirm what my friend, Rev. Dr. Lund has shared in this post adapted from Pope Francis.

Rev. Dr. Sarah Griffith Lund

1. Blessed is the pastor who embraces simplicity and sharing her lifestyle because her witness gives birth to the realm of heaven.

2. Blessed is the pastor who does not fear to water her face with tears, so that in them can be mirrored the sorrows of the people, the fatigue of the ministries, and who finds in them the embrace of the one who suffers the consolation of God.

3. Blessed is the pastor who considers her ministry a service and not a power, making kindness her strength, giving to all equality and respect in her own heart, so as to inhabit the land promised to the meek.

4. Blessed is the pastor who does not close herself in the palaces of government, who does not become a bureaucrat more attentive to statistics than to faces, to procedures than to people’s stories, who seeks to fight at the side…

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