Zoe and Sophia: The Feminine Was There in the Beginning

What if healing the fundamental division in our society enabled us to heal all others? Would you put in the work to be a part of the solution? In my recent meditations, study of Family Systems Theory, the way the brain tends to function, and working to practice non-anxious presence, I have come to see that the fundamental division in our society is between what we label feminine and masculine ways of being.

Many people say that they “know” that God is not a white man in the sky. But does that logic apply to our inner lives and how we approach our Creator. To check in with yourself to see where you are with this awareness, I invite you to pray this prayer:

Mother God,You in whose womb we dwelled until in the fullness of time you called us into being. We thank you for birthing us, nurturing us, holding us, and sustaining us with your life giving spirit. Your love for us is like milk for a newborn, giving us nourishment so that we might thrive in this world that you’ve created for us and all of your children. May the way you love us be extended through us as we grow in the awareness that all of life is held in your bosom. In the mothering spirit of Christ we pray. Amen.

How did you process that prayer? Was it as easy to pray as other prayers. If not, why not?

In the above sermon, I invite the hearer to be in wonder about how they experience the feminine element of the Divine. Many of us have been taught to see God in masculine terms, never being taught that many terms in the Bible that describe the relational nature of God are in fact feminine.

I invite you to consider this message and share what comes up for you.

For full sermon notes click here.

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