Ghosts of Suicide

The more I live, the more I witness that many of us die by suicide as a consequence of a system that can’t tell the difference between people and things. We come to see ourselves as we are treated. And when we can’t sense our value, we treat ourselves as if we are as worthless as the system says we are. It doesn’t matter if we do it quickly or slowly, the lie that we are not of infinite worth, is the beginning of our degradation.

Can we shift this?

The Roofless Church

I am not one of those people who believes that people ever get over the traumas that happen in their lives. Rather, I believe that we either learn to live with them or we expand to leverage them. In my own life, I can admit that I  have never gotten over anything in the conventional sense.  This does not mean that I am incapable of forgiveness or that I walk around needlessly suffering. It just means that I use the data I collect from the good and bad experiences of my life to shift my perceptions and hopefully align me way of being in the world with The Way of my Teacher, Jesus Christ.

Still, despite this deliberate trauma transforming mindset, there are some traumas that are more difficult for me to adapt to or leverage than others. These traumas, I give myself years or even decades to work on…

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