Be It Til You See It

Hebrews 11:1-3 says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.”

How cool is that?  Way before talk of quantum physics was making its way into the everyday life, there were some people who were already going around telling people that everything we see is made out of things that we cannot see.  Even many hundreds of years before the book of Hebrews was written, there was an understanding that the power of the invisible was infinitely beyond the power of that which is seen–the Unknown more powerful than the known.  When Paul described God to the people of Athens, he pointed them to their own ideas of the Unknown God who they worshiped without knowing it. These guys might have been idolaters, but they were smart as all get out. Greek philosophers like Leucippus and Democritus who came up with the atomic theory were arguing against other thinkers who contemplated an all powerful void out of which all things emerged (see Genesis 1 and my post Nothing Is Never What We Think It Is).  My point is that people knew that the really real could not be found in the limited manifestations that we make the end all and be all of life. They were looking for that which was in them more so than that which appears to be outside of them.  Like John said, “Greater is the One within you than the one that is in the world.”  Now there are a lot of interpretations of that scripture, but the way I take it is that the invisible One (Christ, your intended Self)–the person you know you are, but the world cannot see–who lives within you is greater then what the world can see.

Unfortunately, many of us have seemed to forgotten or have no awareness of the greatness within us.  We think that if we will ever be great, it will be some time in the future.  We don’t realize that we are that greatness now and that we can live it and embody it now–right where we are no matter what our circumstances.  We don’t need the world’s permission.  We don’t need outward signs.  We don’t have to trick people into seeing it by trying to conform to some made up idea of what greatness, beauty, wealth is.  You are it now.  I know this is true.  I think there is this other cliche making its way around that says, “If you can see it then you can be it.”  I like that so much more than the most popular cliche which of course is “fake it til you make it”.  But I want to start a new cliche.  That is “Be it til you see it.”  What  love about “Be it til you see it.” is that it is not time dependent.  It is simply saying “Be awesome now.”  It isn’t trying to tell you that in some future you will be awesome.  It is saying that even though you might not see the outward manifestation yet, you are already the greatest you that you can imagine.  Just live out of that space and you will eventually see it.  If other people see it to, then that is icing on the cake.  But if they don’t then oh well.  What do they know?

Do I look Rich?

Do I look Rich?

There are so many people being hurt by “fake it til you make it.”  As I said in the video, I think that is what gets so many people in unavoidable trouble. What that ignorant saying is telling people is “Who you are is not good enough.  A fake you is better than who you are.  Hide behind a mask so people won’t be repulsed by you and then one day if you’re lucky you will have tricked so many people it won’t matte that you were faking before.  You will have made it because you will have gained the approval of others who agree on what greatness is.”  Maybe that works for some of you, but as for me, I like “Be awesome now.”  The only reason we can’t see how awesome we are right now is because we are trying to reconcile our inherent greatness with the messages that are perpetuated about who we “should be”.  Take my word for it.  We are great because we emanate from the Greatness.  Even if you don’t believe in God, with very little thought you can see how amazing it is that in order for you to be here and deny your greatness and the greatness of everything in Creation, it took the coordination of an incalculable number of ancestors and circumstances and in fact all of the created Universe.  All you need to see is that from God’s point of view you were worth all of Creation.  Anyway.  That’s how I think.  If you are stuck thinking something less and would like to stretch your concepts or drop them altogether, you know where to find me.

All Love,


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  1. Hear, hear! Love your new saying, Pedro! And actually it could be “Be it till you see it” as well as “Be it *and* you will see it”. As it says in the Gospel of Philip, “To receive, believe.”


    • Thanks Anna. Yes. Be it and you will see it is absolutely true. Many of us don’t realize that the world we see is the world we are. Or maybe we do realize it and use our power to create a world where everything happens to us without any of our input. It totally confuses me. But as for me, I believe what I said and invite others into an alternative perception if they’d like. Thanks for visiting. Pass the word around.


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