These Wounds Can Heal

We All Have Holes

What if all of those wounds that you are ashamed of are God’s way of empowering you to heal others?  Imagine that we are all instruments of God and that our wounds are the path through which the Holy Spirit enters the world–if we would only allow it.  And what if all those things that we see as faults in others or things that we use to separate ourselves from others are exactly how God is trying to heal the sense of separation in our own souls.  What if?  What if  souls like Trayvon Martin enter into the world to remind us that the Christ is still dying because of fear and ignorance? And what if through our compassion for ourselves and others the Christ rises again in our hearts and continues to heal the world?

My friends, our wounds can be used to heal the world if we just surrender them to the service of others in faith. God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses if we can just become instruments of Love rather than fear.

On Sunday April 15, 2012 at the Congregational Church of Westborough, MA, I will be giving a sermon on these things and more as we open our hearts and minds and surrender our wounds to be used to heal the world even as Christ does. For we are all One in the Light Christ bears witness to.  We are one body with many members.

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