How Does Healing Work?

Healing hands

I received an email today with a blog post asking whether or not we can heal ourselves. The blog went into some science about genetics and another scientific area called epigenetic control (above genetics) which essentially says that our beliefs actually effect our genes.  In other words to a large extent we are shaped and healed by our beliefs.  If you want to check out the post, click the link above.  And below is my response to his post.

I absolutely believe that we are active participants in our healings. I was in pain the recently, but I knew that I did not have to be. I knew that I was holding some junk in my body and that if I put myself in another vibe the pain would go away. So I prayed and released it in faith that everything that I encountered after the prayer would ultimately be the path God scripted for my healing per my belief. A couple days later I was going to have to assist some kids in rock climbing so the pain was inconvenient. Well when the day came I was fine.

When you read most of the accounts of Jesus’ healing in the Bible, he never says, “Hey look what I did.” Rather he says, “Your faith has made you whole” or something to that affect. He also asked, “Do you BELIEVE that I can do this?” As you can see, the primary factor in the healing is the person’s belief or faith. I think Jesus came to teach us what we all can do. That’s why in one instance he was even annoyed with his disciples for not being able to assist in a boy’s healing (Matt 17:14-21). He also taught that his followers could do greater things than he did if we could just believe (John 14:12). So I can totally get down with the science you are talking about. In fact, I was talking to God (HaShem) about something similar this morning in my prayers.

I am often stunned by why we live as we often do in this world (to include myself when I slip into forgetfulness) when for at least thousands of years that we know of people have been telling us that the world is not as we see it. Why do we keep limiting our experience and why do we project those limits onto others? What are we afraid of? Clearly you are asking similar questions and not limiting your resources. Obviously I have the Christian vibe, but I don’t think I can limit God to my understanding of a religion while simultaneously I believe that God is fully present within religions if God is what people are looking for. It’s the macro in the micro type of thing–holographic style.

Thanks for asking the questions about whether we can heal ourselves and sharing the science. I think it is important to ask. I hope you don’t mind the long response.

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