F.E.A.R. the Truth

In this video I do my best to to put into words the frustration that I am experiencing in this moment realizing that I do not have the words to convey the Love I believe is Present for each and every one of us.  When I look at the world today I see people living for the approval of others, trying to be who they think they are supposed to be, and denying their inner knowing of reality. There is an epidimic of people feeling unloved.  It’s no wonder so many people actually were hopeful that the world was going to end a couple of weeks ago.  As misguided as they seem to be, I assume that they just want this show to be over so they can walk into the reality of Love.  The sad thing is that if they truly knew how loved they really are right now–how loved everyone is–they wouldn’t be so concerned with being right and being raptured.

I believe that when Jesus prayed, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” he wasn’t talking about some future state.  He was talking about the reality of his eternal Present.  We live in that same Present–the eternal Now of God.  But we are so caught up in this temporary life that we have forgotten this.  If we want to experience heaven in our now, we need to put less effort into holding on earthly treasures and trying to attain temporary satisfaction and put more effort into realizing who we really are.  We need to F.E.A.R. the Truth.  That is Forget Everything and Accept Reality.  That is how we touch the Truth.

When I say Truth, I am not talking about religion and rules and trying to avoid hell.  I am talking about waking up and realizing how many blocks we put in front of reality.  I am talking about admitting fears of being unloved and desires to be accepted and surrendering them to the Love that is constantly creating opportunities for us to know who we are.  I am talking about questioning what you’ve been told if it does not help you to realize how loved you are.  Why hold on to harmful beliefs?  If you don’t know that you are the Beloved of God then you have been lied to and it is time to seek the company of those who love you enought to tell you to F.E.A.R. the Truth and others who want to hear this message.  It’s time to live Life as it is with the Love that is your natural inheritance.

I’m praying with you.

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