B In Prayer

Today as I was entering into a surprisingly silent Newton Centre, I was surprised to hear from my friend that the entire town was on lockdown as a result of the ongoing manhunt for the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.  Already on campus by the time I was  clear on the gravity of … More B In Prayer

Reflection on the Body of Christ and God’s Mysterious Ways

Ever since returning from China I have been reflecting on the Pauline metaphor of the Body of Christ.  Meeting Christians in China was an amazing experience.  I felt love, the Presence of the Holy Spirit, and the most sincere desire of the people to spread the love of Christ among their people and the world.  … More Reflection on the Body of Christ and God’s Mysterious Ways

No Reason to Pray

Why is it that so many of us pray to God like we’re running for office?  In my opinion the biggest benefit to a relationship with God is that we are supposedly talking to someone who knows everything about us and loves us anyway.  If I have to fake around God like I can trick … More No Reason to Pray

Role Over and Die

Have you ever found yourself falling into a role that you were so sure you had transcended?  Do you feel compelled to meet people under the circumstances that are comfortable to them rather than showing up as your “authentic self”?  Yes, the whole “authentic self” thing is starting to get cliche, but you know what … More Role Over and Die