Brain Trust

There is a reasonable chance that I am on the autism spectrum.  I have never written those words before. But, in the past few years, I have tried to leave clues to this possibility and have been openly sharing with some people that, when I was younger, family and some friends raised this possibility many … More Brain Trust

Accidental Vision

If necessity is the mother of invention then accidents/mistakes are the really sweet step-mother. You never asked for her, but she can come in and cause something to emerge from you that you didn’t even know was present. To make my point, I will highlight just a few inventions that were created by mistake in … More Accidental Vision

Seeing The Green Lantern As a Parable (Power Through Weakness)

Several days before actually going to see The Green Lantern, I was feeling this nagging sense that I was going to find some answers to some issues I was working on within the storyline of the film.  I was researching the biblical idea of God’s strength being made perfect in weakness and as such had been … More Seeing The Green Lantern As a Parable (Power Through Weakness)