The Great Fullness of Be Longing

What does it mean to belong? In my opinion you can get a sense of its meaning if you looked at the featured image on this post or on the attached video. The image is of what appears to be graffiti art of these little dots of a variety of colors coming together to create one big heart that both contains each of the dots and yet permits, for the lack of a better word, each dot to retain what makes them distinct. To my mind, that is a perfect expression of what it means to truly belong. But how many of else have felt this type of belonging? And yet, isn’t it true that most of us came into this world with a hunger for belonging–what broke down as the “Be Longing”, the longing to simply be. In the video above, I guide listeners into being present with this hunger and inviting you to consider that if you were born with this hunger, then there is a way for it to be fulfilled.

In the poem below, I invite you to make contact with the feeling of not belonging so that you can open yourself to the contrast, which is all of our essential belonging. Because as Brenee Brown says, “No one belongs here more than you.”

Belonging to Not Belonging

They say “Get in where you fit in.”
But I can’t find my space.
Like looking in the mirror
But cannot recognize my face.

No one else can see me.
What should I expect?
An outsider can’t get in
I’m destined a reject.

Damn this hunger for belonging.
I’m never satisfied
Because of the idea, “I should be special.”
Now I see it was all a lie.

All heartbreaks come from beauty
Or longing for it to be
The presence of an absence
The soul was never meant to see

So now I’m coming out of hiding
I need to recognize my grief
Because I know me, but cannot show me,
I’m a product of disbelief.

© Copyright 2021 Pedro S. Silva II

Original Music – Grateful

Written and Performed by Susan Rose from her album A Truckload of Songs

For full sermon notes click here.

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