Going With the Flow:The Way of the Mind

The first thing to know about the mind is that it is not a container that holds your thoughts like some kind of cerebral cookie jar. It is more like a stream upon which thoughts might float and dissolve into. You are not your thoughts. Nor are you simply your mind. The essential and incorruptible you is more akin to the consciousness that witnesses both the mind and the thoughts that are arising and dissolving. But even that is less than the reality of who you are as the offspring of a limitless Creator.

As I grow in my capacity to articulate love as I understand it, I realize that I’ve always known what it is I’m learning to speak. It’s as if a “Veil of Forgetting” is being lifted showing me the spiritual practicality of Paul’s words when he taught to not be confirmed to the world. But rather, to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

At the time of this writing, I have recently heard about yet another mass shooting in America, saw two Black men harassed for existing, and an unarmed Black twenty and thirteen year old shot and killed by the police. Who wants to conform to this? Is this the post pandemic normal you were waiting for? If so, then congratulations I guess.

But, if you were someone who thought that the wood could emerge from this pandemic more conscious, more grateful, and more willing to fully live into the reality of human mutuality, then I invite you to reconsider how you’ve been witnessing the world. In the video below, I invite the listener to take a step back from their thoughts and consider the Way of the Mind which naturally does not cling. I hope the message served you in your contemplation.

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