Homelessness as an Indicator of Our Society’s Priorities

Today, December 20, 2020, we honored the lives of 42 of our unhoused and recently unhoused neighbors. I felt especially blessed to be with them and to honor their lives. And at the same time I cannot forget that this memorial is a reminder of how we often fail one another in this world. And at the same time, this was a gathering of hope and possibilities. If you see this, please consider the possibilities it presents and be in wonder how you might be able to encourage a world where homeless memorials are no longer necessary. There is more than enough for all.

The Roofless Church

“They put all of society’s problems on us. They make money from criminalizing us. Every time they lock us up, money goes into someone’s pockets. That’s why they are making it so hard for things to get better.” – Known Unknown

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It’s been nearly two years since I heard the above words and yet I hear them anew every time I drive through downtown Boulder, on what is almost a daily basis. They are paraphrased from a statement made by a man giving remarks at a memorial service for his friend, Benjamin Harvey, who died outside in the severe cold and was found Christmas morning. Both Benji and this man are homeless. I didn’t know Benji or this man, but I attended the service for several reasons, one of which is that from what I heard about Benji, he seemed like someone…

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