Narrative Insight: How the Stories We Tell Shape the World We Experience

Too many of us are trapped as characters in stories over which we feel we have no influence. It is time to challenge that notion.

The Roofless Church

We are moving from the information age into the age of the narrative. Look around you and it is easy to see that how you tell your story matters. Whether it is your personal story or the story of your organizations, all of your relationships–and the depth of them–are determined by the stories you tell and how your stakeholders are able to locate themselves in your narrative.

One of the major challenges of any community of any size, from 2 to 2 billion is creating an expansive enough narrative that everyone feels totally included. In fact, it has never been done and perhaps never will. But nonetheless, we are driven by the hope of this possibility. And yet, the primary block to creating this narrative is that there are always those who we want to write out of our narratives or those who want to write us out of theirs…

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