The Compassionate Fool

ff990I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I am a fool. And I would be equally lying if I said that I want to be any other way. In fact, when I find myself feeling like I am wise, I feel like a failure. “How can I be so ignorant to think I am intelligent?”

Now fool that I am, I am still aware that most people would consider what I said above to be negative self-talk, which pop psychology tells us is wrong. But, the thing is , I am not coming from this place of low self esteem where I need to talk myself up into a sense of worthiness. My goal is no-self esteem. I just desire to be and rest with others in being.  And I am not talking about “live and let live” in the conventional sense. Perhaps it is more accurate to say I desire to “Love and let Love”.

In order to do that I have to keep working my compassion muscles. Most often this is done by allowing myself to relate to people who might seem unrelatable on the surface and continually release any judgments that I might conjure up in my effort to self-protect or self project. I just want to be Christ’s compassionate fool. This doesn’t mean getting stepped on or taken advantage of. Even though some of that can happen too. It just means believing that God’s promise of my destiny cannot be threatened by any illusions we might attach ourselves to. Neither can anyone else’s. Therefore my temporal and illusory meanings I might assign to them are eternally irrelevant. So I just want to drop all judgments and walk the Way I think Jesus did. Which, let’s face it, makes no earthly sense.

Who wants to be foolish with me?

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