Identity is not Static

27ba37b33f0617adcc4520710041a644-identity-branding-identity-quotesIdentity is not static. What this means is who you are is always becoming. There is no such thing as a never changing future you at which you can arrive. You know that person that you tell yourself will be the happier, better version of you who will materialize once you get whatever it is that is presently keeping you from being you? What I am saying is that version of you that you believe exists on the other side of you winning the lotto or writing that novel or finding that relationship is not there. Even if you acquire all of those things, you do not know the person who will be on the other end of those achievements, because the very nature of being is evolutionary. You are eternally becoming. This is your very isness. If you were not becoming i.e. coming into being, you would cease to be. This violates the eternal nature out of which we emerge. Cosmically this means that if you were to ever cease becoming it would be as if–and perhaps actually that–you never were. In an eternally dynamic Universe, only what is becoming is. There is no identity beyond this.

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