Role Over and Die

How big does a box have to be to contain a being who has the kingdom of God within them?

The Roofless Church

Have you ever found yourself falling into a role that you were so sure you had transcended?  Do you feel compelled to meet people under the circumstances that are comfortable to them rather than showing up as your “authentic self”?  Yes, the whole “authentic self” thing is starting to get cliche, but you know what I mean.  You’re sick of being fake and holding yourself in.

Unfortunately most of us feel that way and are afraid of being the odd person out in a situation that calls for being real.  Most of us just give up and give in and play the role expected of us and deal with the mini-deaths that those bring about.  We “Role Over and Die”.  And why shouldn’t we?  That’s what we have been programmed to do.  A lot of thought, time, and energy has been put into telling us “how to be” in the…

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