If Time Is Money, They’re Both Lies

As I contemplate the challenges to establishing structural integrity in this nation, I am looking back on some foundational misconceptions upon which this society was built. The lie that time is money is one of them. What kind of world could we create if we did not unquestionably formulate our ideas based on this false premise?

The Roofless Church

ob_4c8835_money-slaveFor my class in Christian Ethics some years ago, I had to read the book, The Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, by Max Weber.  It is one of those books from the early part of the 20th Century ( I’m talking 1904-5) that can depress a thinking person because it shows that people were aware of the direction our world has been headed in forever and chose not to do anything about it out of fear of loss or just plain old greed or unconsciousness.  Well, I am not going to tell you everything the book said.  I’m assuming you do not come to this blog for the pictures, so you can  follow the link above and read it yourself if you want to get the whole deal.  I’m just going to throw out what I considered the most important point that I would like to…

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