The Lie That Started It All

Will humans ever live into our highest potential? Why do we fight over scraps on a planet ripe with plenty? Why do we choose to accept the smallest of identities prescribed for us by those who have no idea who they are?

Deceived by the idea that some outside authority can qualify our worthiness, we seek the approval of the fearful who destroy more than they keep, create an illusion of lack, and convince us we’re lucky we’re not as bad off as some. But forgive them. They know not what they do.

They were lied to before they lied to us. And the lie has been going on so long now no one even remembers who started it. Moreover, it’s doubtful the first liar ever imagined how out of control things would get. I imagine all they wanted was to be special for a moment. They wanted to be loved more than others so they told the lie, “I’m better than you.” To prove it they enlisted the support of others by saying, “I’m better than you. But, at least you’re better than them.” Perhaps it was something as minor as being left or right handed. Unfamiliar with deception, the hearers took this as good news. Being better than others has to be a good thing right? Embedding this lie into their consciousness, they assumed the next logical point of consideration, “If we’re better than them, why do we not rule them?” The rest is history.

Fortunately, lies are not eternal. Only *Truth is. It persists. Though the deceived too often become deceivers themselves, those who love Truth remain. That’s why since this seed of falsehood entered in, there have always been those who remind us of our true nature. They know they are not better than anyone else for loving Truth. They just willingly receive it. Most often they can’t even express how they can do it. They just know lies when they hear them. So, rather than fill themselves with them, they choose to be empty so that when the Truth reveals itself, it can reside in them. Is there room in your heart for an increasing awareness of Truth? Can you handle being merely equal?

Here is a litmus test for figuring out which direction you may be currently leaning. Your answer assumes nothing about your character. But, it does suggest the depth of deception. The idea behind asking it is root cause analysis. You set your own value on what the answer means to you.

If you had to choose between the revelation of Truth and the belief that you’re better than even one other human being, which would you choose?

The only decision the ego can make is the decision not to make a decision.

*Truth = Love!, Love=God, God=One

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  1. As I awoke this morning I got this great Memo:


    To: Morrell Wright MacBane

    From: The Lord

    Date: Five O’Clock AM Today

    RE: Last Night’s Childhood Prayer

    Dear Mr. MacBane:

    We trust that you’re doing well this morning.

    We’re pleased to announce that your grant application to live for yet another day

    Has been approved, and accordingly you may keep your soul.

    As promised, you can now live to listen to the early morning raindrops on the roof of your home.

    You may find sunshine later in the day as dawn turns to day and the clouds part

    That will likely warm your face and your heart

    And allow the plants that nourish your body grow.

    In order to improve your chances of having your grant application approved tomorrow

    We recommend that as you live today in the here and now

    That you offer other souls kindness and generosity

    And a warm hand that can nourish the bodies and souls of those you touch.

    As promised, as you lay yourself down to sleep this evening and pray

    That if you die before you wake that we will indeed take your soul.



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