We’re All Invisible

I wrote this post 5 years ago today. Since then the mystery is just as real. There’s more to all things than we can see. Can we make room for what we can’t see?

The Roofless Church

running-shadow When you face the light, the shadow falls behind.

When I was meditating the other morning, I was listening for guidance from the Holy Spirit on what I should pay attention to that day.  In my form of meditation I mostly just pray and then just sit still for a long time afterward just listening as thoughts come up.  I don’t follow the thoughts.  I just let them arise and depart.  It’s kind of like walking through a mall on the way to the quietness of your own car.  The thoughts that come up are like people talking in the mall.  I hear all the sounds but for the most part I am not paying attention to them.  Every once in a while I hear part of a conversation, but I don’t stick around to hear how it plays out.  The closer I get to the exit door the less…

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