Have This Attitude Among Yourselves: Humility

This blogger, Agent X, shared his post with me after reading my most recent post, “Can You Spare Some Change”. It goes deeper into the space that I was inviting my readers to make contact with. I am convinced that the inner frontier of our consciousness is where many of us need to shift our focus. Unless we are courageous enough to “question what we think we think” and make space for a revelation we will not succeed at living the ideals we profess.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Sometimes people think I am homeless.

Homeless Jesus shirt II

Yes.  When you sit on a street corner eating a sandwich, ride a bike across town with a placard that says “Pray for the Homeless”, or spend the night in the park next to a dumpster, the people who see you there are apt to think you are homeless.  And since I have done all those things, people have often thought I was homeless.


It is humbling.

I hear people say they are “humbled” by being honored sometimes.  The football coach wins a championship, and then post-season they throw him a banquet where he gives a speech and says he is “humbled” by all the support or by the honor bestowed etc.  Sometimes politicians talk that way.  Sometimes celebrities talk that way.  And I gotta say, I don’t really get it.  Because I have frequently been confused with the homeless, and that is quite…

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