Know That You Are Loved

This post from 6 years ago asks the question, “How would the world be different if everyone assumed they were truly loved?” I guess the next question would be, “what is love?”

The Roofless Church

This Thanksgiving I had an epiphany that can potentially change the way I function in this world.  I asked myself the question, “How would the world be different if everyone knew that they were absolutely Loved?” Every time I go back to my hometown of Portsmouth, VA, I end up going through a series of emotions and thoughts.  It’s difficult because I inevitably end up reflecting on my childhood.  I look back on it with the whole of my present awareness to see the difference between who I am today and who I was as a child.  It mostly comes down to how my beliefs about God have changed over the years and also how my relationships with the people who still live there has changed.

In some ways I ran away from Portsmouth.  The truth is that I left because I started to feel helpless there.  In  my experience, Portsmouth is…

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