Enjoyment vs. Fun

Something to think about in this time of tension.

The Roofless Church

enjoy-your-lifeA lot of times before I write, I start developing ideas about what I want to say. But when it comes down to the actual writing I just have to see what comes out. You see, I believe there is a difference between creating and making stuff. In my opinion creating is taking nothing and allowing it to become something through you. In contrast, I see making stuff as taking something outside of you and forcing it to be what you want it to be. So far in my life I have come across more makers than creators. Somewhere along the way we came to the idea that having things the way we want it is somehow better than having them the way they are.

Let’s take relationships for example. And when I say relationships, I don’t mean romantic. I mean any situation where you interact with another human being…

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