Bending Racism With Your Mind

A week from today, there will be an opportunity at #TheSanctuary @FirstCongBoulder to dismantle racist constructs from the inside out. We thought our way into this mess. We can unthink our way out of it.

The Roofless Church

Can you imagine a world without racism? What would that world look like? What would you give to make that world possible? Better yet, what would you give up to make that world possible? In Together Colorado and other justice seeking organizations, there are people who put in a lot of effort in order to make such a world possible.  There are organizers, educators, activists, and volunteers who go out into the world and when necessary use their collective voices to awaken the minds of some of our citizens to the many injustices that plague our society. But no matter how far we’ve come, it often seems like we have even further to go. Now what if I told you that it was possible to end racism in your world this very day? What if I told you that you could bend this racism construct to your will—that even though…

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