Lead Me Down the Path

Who in life knows what is to come? Even when walking a path blazed by others who have come before you, there you might find unexpected obstacles. Surrounded on every side, though you remain on the path, the surrounding forest can be a hiding place for would be attacker or a temptation to explore. Who knows what you will find on this journey. All you can do is pay attention, learn as you go, and develop a respect for mystery; because the truth is we never really know what’s coming.

Lead me down the path
Since the truth is I don’t know
I have an idea of what I want
But I don’t where to go

I’ve tried to be independent
But the world is more than me
Even if I figure me out
I’m still a part of “We”

And the road is a major highway
Yet still a road we walk alone
Paths intersecting and interjecting
But when taken lead to home

© Copyright 2014 Pedro S. Silva II

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