We All Have Wounds

The video below is of a sermon I did a year or two ago that honors the woulds in our lives. It says how they can be turned into gift. The next video is the rap featured in the sermon layered over music.

The Roofless Church

I’m a firm believer that when we offer up our wounds in service to others–as I see Christ doing–then what can at first seem like a dysfunction, can actually become our function.  In this sermon, my intention is to invite us into the possibility that the Christ within us can transform our wounds and make them something beautiful in the world.



This video features the rap from the sermon layered over music.


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  1. That’s even more awesome than when I heard
    it the first time. It certainly gives one a great deal to ponder. I could not have said it better myself. Two thumbs up my son. I always knew you would walk in The Way.


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