Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Is Optional

There’s more than one way to be with pain.

Seriously Tripping Through Life

Let me start by saying that this post is a generalization.  I have no intention of minimizing anyone’s pain.  I am in no position to do so.  Also, I am aware that I need to continually put in the work to listen to and practice everything I say in these videos.  That being said, because I have found value in this perspective and so I offer it to others who may benefit from it.  If it doesn’t speak to you, feel free to ignore its existence.  That being said and without further ado I ask you…

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a room alone thinking about everything you’ve been through and trying to make sense of the pain in your life? I know I have a few times in my life and I know many other people who have as well (Probably everyone I’ve ever met).  For a…

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  1. Pedro, Once again you hit the nail on the head ! Just a great subject, one of my personal favorites. I call it ” Changing the Channel ” Loved it !
    Congratulations on such a great talk !


    • Midge, so glad you enjoyed the message. I am trying to put as much of my life’s energy into sharing a greater story of who we are as I can. There is so much that I want to say, but finding the words is not always easy with the limits of language. However it is so much easier to communicate with people like you who have done so much inner work. As we communicate with one another, we create a knew language that goes beyond words. The more of us who talk to each other the better. Thanks again for visiting the blog.


      • Hello Pedro, its me Joshua from St. Vincents. So I’m gonna give you my number in hopes we can obtain a line of communication. Its xxx-xxx-xxxx. Or we could just do email. I had just been thinking about our first meeting and it got to me to the point to where I started a new bible study and I thank you for that.

        The one scripture that comes to mind upon meeting and talking with you is from Hebrews 1:1-3


        • Hey J, glad to see you checked out the blog. Glad you got into the Bible study. I keep digging into it. I’m not trying to figure it out. I just figure that if I don’t try to live it to the best of my ability I don’t really have anything to complain about. I’m like a scientist experimenting on myself to see if it works and sharing my findings. Jah Bless as my brother says.


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