Give Us Us Free!

I reblogged this blog and added a video for extra flavor. My attempt at beating the “wake up” drum.

The Roofless Church

Let me begin this post by declaring that contrary to some beliefs, one person cannot speak for their entire race, group, or culture.  As we all know there are innumerable diversities at work in every individual and my comments with regard to the subject of race, religion, culture, or any other category under which one might feel comfortable placing me are solely the reflection of my personal experience.

With that said, I would like to continue my honoring of what we call Black History Month with some more perspectives on race in America.  I am doing this because I find it worthy to give my energies toward this effort.  God has given me the experience of living all over this country and traveling to other countries as well as the opportunity to speak with all types of people across extremes from a hardcore white racist in Mississippi to hardcore militant…

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