Belief as a Contextual Framework for Spiritual Application

I’m reblogging this one because as days go by I am more convinced that many of us unknowingly worship our beliefs and thoughts about God.

The Roofless Church

A few posts ago, I put up what I called “The Roofless Church’s Statement of Faith“.  In some ways what I wrote was an accurate account of how I would express my faith if I was forced to do so for some reason or the other. And in some ways what I said was a whole bunch of nothing.  It’s just words if it doesn’t affect my life in a positive way and doesn’t edify others. And yet for as long as people have been believing things, there have been arguments over the right words to describe what they believe. Pious people who called themselves lovers of God would take sword in hand and attack the person who described their “idea of God” in a manner different than they would.  Basically if someone used the “wrong” words to describe that which cannot be described, for many that would…

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