The Threat of Equality

I am going to be preaching about equality this Sunday and I hope the Holy Spirit moves me to speak boldly but just in case I don’t at least I said it once.

The Roofless Church

Have you ever thought about how most religious ideas seem like common sense?But for some reason, they are hard as I don’t know what to live out?  I mean think about it.  Jesus’ whole message was pretty much “treat people the way you want to be treated” (Luke 6:31).  It really isn’t that complicated.  And, if you look at almost every other religion, they have their own version of that statement. Judaism had it before Jesus and other religions had it before Judaism.  But still we have the hardest time with it.  I guess it must be pretty hard to do.  I mean, Jesus must have had a good reason to put loving others as ourselves right up there with loving God with all that we have in us (Matt 22:35-41).  I guess he must have thought, “If these jokers can learn to love each other then loving…

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