Controlling Your Path, Part III

This post does an excellent job at framing how we are sometimes influenced by other people’s fears.

Present in the Path

So there are times when we have to move ourselves out of the way and let go of fear to improve a situation, but sometimes it’s not us that’s in the way.  Sometimes fears are projected onto us from others and we take it and let it persuade us (or dissuade us).  How many of us have heard a bunch of negativity or worry pour out of someone as soon as we’ve expressed an idea or revealed a decision we want to make?  Do you end up second guessing yourself instead of trusting God to do His thing?

A lot of times, I just go for it and then share it afterwards… especially if my decision really has nothing to do with anyone else but me.  If I need advice on something, I will only ask those who I know will respond honestly, objectively, and unselfishly.  This can sometimes mean…

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