On Being A Single Mother In A Married Father’s Body

These are relational insights I’ve gained from being a male raised almost exclusively by women.

Seriously Tripping Through Life

Recently, I hit a wall with trying to express some of my outlooks on the world when it hit me that I didn’t make sense to people because while they were looking at this married father form, it was the single mother in me speaking.  I was talking to a female friend about some of the unreasonable expectations that people bring into relationships.  She admitted that she too had those expectations of her partner, while simultaneously realizing that all of her expectations were not logical. They were not illogical because she does not have the right to have certain expectations from a relationship, but because she expected her partner to be something for her that she could not be for herself and she wanted to be for him that which he did not want, expect, or need her to be. Consciously knowing this, it becomes her responsibility to understand why…

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