Choosing to Be Different? (More from the Bronies)

Follow up after my comments from the Bronies.

Seriously Tripping Through Life

For the past couple of days I have been responding to the comments that I received from my previous post, Loving What You Love.  In doing so, I learned a lot more about the Bronies I wrote about.  People shared their thanks, links to videos, and valuable insights that challenged me.  Through engaging the Bronies, Brony parents, and even a few Brony detractors, I came to see how the fandom culture is much like any other culture that we are aware of.  They have their own music (see below), art, language and of course mythologies and values system.  And like any minority within a larger culture, they have those within the larger culture who tend to not be capable of appreciating what they offer.

For over a decade now I have been been consciously dedicated to mastering the ability to articulate the language of difference. It was when I…

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