Loving What You Love (Lessons from the Bronies)

Originally I did not see this as a Roofless Church post, but after the overwhelming response from Bronies around the world (over 3800 hits), I’m pretty sure that everyone out there knows at least one Brony. Those who say we stand for something can learn a lot from them, because they put themselves out there. I hope that as my ministry develops I can put myself out there with Brony style boldness.

Seriously Tripping Through Life

As I mentioned in the above video, I learned a thing or two from seeing adults, who were not accompanying children, at the showing of the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls movie at one of our local theaters.  When I saw how disappointed some of the people were when the tickets were sold out, I was perplexed at first.  I thought, “Isn’t this a kid’s show.  Doesn’t passage require a child? Why are these people on the verge of tears and some actually crying about not seeing this movie.”   Being a curious person when it comes to the phenomena of human relatibility, I wondered what drew these adults to MLP.  As we sat in the theater and watched the movie,  I understood a little more about this incredibly diverse subculture.

The older I get, the more I understand how hard it can be to be a human sometimes.  When…

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