Choose Your Scars Wisely

We are not simply used by our scars. Sometimes we use our scars. And though it may be difficult to see, at some point we have the power to choose our scars.

Seriously Tripping Through Life

Are you scarified?Have you ever heard of the word “scarified”?  Neither have I (assuming you said no).  I just came across it on the road as we were making our way up to Canada for our anniversary.  At first I just wanted to take a picture of the sign for a tweet or facebook post.  I was just going to throw a little tagline up there saying something silly like “Don’t be scarified” and then just leave it at that.  But then I looked up the word and I knew I was going to have to dig deeper.  According to, one of the definitions for scarify [skar-uh-fahy] is to lacerate by severe criticism.  DANG! That sounds harsh doesn’t it?  Think about the implications of this definition. TO LACERATE BY SEVERE CRITICISM.  The fact that criticism can cut so deeply that there is a word for it like “scarify” is just scary itself.  And not only that…

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