Overcoming Gravity

As I get ready for whatever is next, I am looking at some of my older Roofless Church blogs. I think I’m going to reblog a few like this one as I work on new ones. This on in particular applies as much today as it did when i wrote it.

The Roofless Church

Every morning that I don’t have to go to work I go through a battle with gravity.  With no alarm and no justification for getting out of the bed, I find myself struggling to get up.  It’s always the same thing. First I wake up and notice that it’s somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30 AM.  My instincts tell me to get up and start giving.  I start thinking about blog posts I can write, videos I can create, people I can serve by just listening, or the prayers I can offer up. Every thought inside me says “get up and work for your breath”, but every cell tells me to take a break.

I reflect on Love and the Way it commands us to live our lives when we choose to surrender to it.  I think about the instructions that I will give my daughter some day and I think…

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