Is It Written?

Do we help the universe unfold or are we part of the unfolding?

Seriously Tripping Through Life

After posting my last blog, This Functional Family, I kept thinking about how life plays out. I wondered if I ever had a choice in this role I am playing.  I mean, even after all of my resistance, here I am doing what so many said I would do.  Was this always how it was supposed to be?  Doesn’t the Bible portray God as telling Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”? I’m telling you it is confusing sometimes.  Sometimes it feels like it is possible to shape what happens and then sometimes it feels like things are lined up in a certain way and my job is to learn how to live in alignment with what is so that I can experience joy or I can resist what is and suffer through the experience that I am going to have anyway.  It’s like there…

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