How’d I Get So Rich?

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Seriously Tripping Through Life

Yesterday when I was on facebook, I saw this post that showed this huge stack of hundred dollar bills that came with a prayer that said that if people wrote the word “Amen” in the comments, then in Jesus’ name, the person would receive a stack of money like the one in the image.  Hundreds of people of course wrote “Amen”.  As I looked at the post, I felt myself getting bothered. At first I tried to talk myself out of writing a comment.  I thought about the conversations that I have had with people in the past who are convinced that I have something against money.  I could hear their voices trying to convince me that there is no contradiction between being “spiritual” and rich and that Jesus even wants us to be rich because, after all, “Didn’t he say that he wants us to live life more abundantly?”…

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