If every blog I wrote said this, I still can’t say it enough.

The Roofless Church

If you don’t want to slap me for making the above video, then we are friends for life even if we never meet.  I can say that with honesty because if you can embrace the hub-bubbery that I spoke then it means that you are not living in the fear of loss and so we can be One in relationship–even as Christ calls us into Oneness.  YEAH BABY!!!!

I am so excited to share this stuff with you readers.  This was the first time it felt like I could express those ideas freely. They just emerged from the formless void and I am glad it was on video.  I am not a fan of “Force” and I know that if I attempted to say it at any other moment it would have been forced.  I do not believe that God creates by force and so if I desire to truly…

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