Everything comes full circle. feeling like I need to drink a little more Fool-Aid.

The Roofless Church

On my knees in the prayer room at Andover Newton Theological School where I am attending seminary, I admitted to God how weak and poor in spirit I was.  I am praying for the strength of mind, body, and soul so that I will be able to complete the six papers I have due in the next two weeks.  But more than that, I am praying that I do so with the consciousness of mind that “I can of myself do nothing.” 

One of the papers that I am writing regards “the foolishness of God” vs. human wisdom.  What will come of  this paper is of particular interest to me because for so long, I feel like I have lived my life as God’s fool.  As often as I can think of it, I go out into the world with the question in my heart, “What will Love…

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