Religion aside, no one can truly live without faith. Faith calls us to live in a future instead of running from a past. Faith calls you into an ever expanding story of who we will become instead of trapping us in the limits of who we have been. Faith calls us to take actions beyond ourselves even when we feel like we are by ourselves. Are you living by faith?

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Though I’ve spoken at length

I haven’t said a word

And all this nothing that I’m saying

Is nothing but absurd

I speak with lies

So that you might hear the truth

I display for you illusion

That you might have proof

Do you know that this life, as most of us engage it, is mostly illusion?  Yes.  In fact, most of our lives have never happened as we have imagined them.  This may feel disconcerting.  I know we want to believe that our lives have meant something and that the stories that we have told ourselves about our lives have real substance. But, the reality is that it is not true.  Are you curious about why I would say such a thing?  You might ask, “What about my role in my family? What about all the ‘good’ that I have done?  What about world peace and saving the…

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