Why Are We So Mental?

The Chinese words for mental illness are 精神病 Jingshen bing (spiritual sickness) and 心理疾病 xinlijibing (sickness in the heart).  I think that is significant, because it says to me that the non-clinical mental illnesses that many of us contend with are directly influenced by our spiritual and emotional states.  What do you think?

I know there is a whole lot of crazy going on in the world and I certainly believe that it is a direct result of spiritual and emotional instability.  Yet, we tend to believe that it is a mental issue.  I disagree.  I think that the mind is neutral.  It is a servant rather than a master.  But because many of us think (I use that word loosely) that we are the thoughts that enter our awareness, we tend to serve those thoughts.  We embody whatever comes into our mind not realizing that a lot of what gets in there is garbage.

That fact is that we are not our thoughts.  We are actually the one who is aware that the thoughts are arising in our consciousness in the first place.  This means we can not use thoughts to understand or to control these other thoughts.  All they will do is react with each other endlessly.  We have to align ourselves with states that are beyond thought.  The above video is an opportunity to consider how we can go about that.  Enjoy and drop feedback if you can.

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