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It's All In Me - Poetry Blog

One With You
They say we’re separate and unequal
But I see You watching me
And you see me watching You as well
Just as it should be

They tell me something’s missing
But everything lives inside of You
And because I know Your Home is in my heart
Everything lives inside me too

That’s why You’re my only Destination
And my Journey along the Way
You are also my Right Here and Now
And the Words with which I pray

You are the Gift that keeps on Giving
And the Giver of the Gift Yourself
My only desire is to give like You
Because You are the only Source of Wealth

That’s why I am so eternally grateful
For the opportunity to know
That the Life in me is the Life in You
Thank You for creating it so

© 2007 Pedro S. Silva II

In the 17th Chapter…

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