Enjoyment vs. Fun

enjoy-your-lifeA lot of times before I write, I start developing ideas about what I want to say. But when it comes down to the actual writing I just have to see what comes out. You see, I believe there is a difference between creating and making stuff. In my opinion creating is taking nothing and allowing it to become something through you. In contrast, I see making stuff as taking something outside of you and forcing it to be what you want it to be. So far in my life I have come across more makers than creators. Somewhere along the way we came to the idea that having things the way we want it is somehow better than having them the way they are.

Let’s take relationships for example. And when I say relationships, I don’t mean romantic. I mean any situation where you interact with another human being. How many of us get frustrated because some person doesn’t do things as we think they should be done? We feel like we are the scale by which all things are measured. It’s like we come up with our own little idea of what perfect is as it relates to us and then we want the world to simply comply.

But I will tell you something I have learned. This world was already Created once. No one needs us to re-create it. Think about that for a second–the word recreate. Whenever we call ourselves having fun, what do we call it? We call it recreation. Why?

It is my belief that we call it that because in those moments we are doing our best to make this world in our image–the image of someone trying to divert themselves from life. But I don’t believe it has to be that way. I believe that we have two choices in life. We can either enjoy it or we can try to have fun. I define enjoying something as taking pleasure in what has been created for you.  God has created such a life for us.  But to put it in more acessible terms consider if someone throws you a surprise birthday party. You know nothing about it. When the surprise is set everyone is smiling and cheering while you sit back and just receive the love and sentiment from those that are happy you’re alive. Enjoy! It’s your day.

The other option is to seek fun. I equate that with taking pleasure in what you make for yourself or a type of escapism. You’re sitting in the house feeling disappointed because your boyfriend or girlfriend is tripping. You don’t want to deal with your feelings so you call someone up, anyone. The conversation usually goes like this.

“Hey _____. What’s up?”
“Nothing. What’s up with you?”
“Oh. So what’s up with tonight?”
“I don’t know. I was thinking about going to that one spot.”
“For real? Who’s going to be there?”
“Well, let’s go. My (enter relationship here) is tripping anyway.”
“Sounds good to me.”

Now someone tell what was just said. Because, even though I’ve been in that exact conversation, I really wasn’t saying anything except, “I don’t want to be responsible for my life. Where’s a crowd where I can hide from myself and call it having fun.” But any of us that has escaped that routine knows that in retrospect, with few exceptions, it wasn’t much fun. And I would venture to say that ninety-percent of us, when looking back, see the real enjoyment in our lives was before we ever started trying to have “fun”. Remember when we were kids and we could enjoy a piece of paper? When was the last time you scribbled a picture that only you could make out and thought it was a masterpiece? Now that’s real enjoyment. That’s Love y’all!!! That is real Life. And all that mess we call fun or re-creation is just our private little dramas.

I once read something that said, “All happy people are happy in the same way (Like scribbling kids is universal). But sad people are all sad in their own special ways (Nobody knows the trouble I see).” With that said, I am going to leave y’all with a poem to ponder.

All Love

God’s Plan
it started in the beginning
it ended in the beginning
the Peace and the war
the losing and the Winning
the time we have to wait
the weight that comes with time
the Word and the verse
the pentameter and the rhyme
the Hope for a better tomorrow
than the way things are today
the separation from God
and the recollection when we Pray
the anger and the rage
that makes me hate my fellow man
and the Forgiveness of all error
that makes me want to hold His hand
the slavery that freed me
and the freedom that was my prison
the Light that was so blinding
that it made clear my True vision
the death I had to suffer
to see that I was Alive
the Love that is more Perfect
than all that man’s contrived
all that I will overcome
that led me to come over
to the Answer that’s so close
that it can’t get any closer
the doubt that made me Trust
that there’s Nothing I should doubt
and the Silence that’s so deafening
it drowned out all my shouts
my enemies who hate me
that I may know the Love of my friends
and the Salvation I received
because I committed all those sins
so when it comes to God’s Plan
there’s only One thing we need to know
this world was already Perfect
before our struggle to make it so

© Copyright 2004 Pedro S. Silva II

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  1. LMBO…i don’t think this was suppose to make me laugh but it did…till the poem part then it gets intense. That is the realest thing I have ever read on relationships. I have that conversation daily with Tony and my friends. Hahahaha…you nailed it… good stuff. I have been trying to enjoy just being with my friends and husband more then trying to find fun at some random location because it is not about the place it is about the personal connection with the people in the place. Well written poem and very true.


    • Hey Daneen,

      Thanks for checking out the post. I’ve learned that the only thing that is real is Love, Grace, and Freedom and they all have to work together harmoniously in our lives. If you ignore any one of them life gets twisted.


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