A Word to the Prophets

As Love Unfolds

I don’t usually listen to the radio because my mind is so full of rhymes and songs that I just rap or sing to myself.  It’s real cool to feel the words going from my heart to my mouth without my mind getting in the way. 99.99% of the time I don’t even write down a single lyric.  It strikes me that the song was just for that moment and was ministering specifically to me.  However, this morning as I was getting ready, a rhyme hit me as I was thinking about how so many of us get caught up in earthly treasures. 

These words are meant for those of us who in our zeal to be positive influences on others sometimes forget that the attraction to the tangible can be very strong for some people.  It is not always easy for people to let go of  “the World” even if an attachment is what is causing them the most harm.  In the case of this rhyme I call, A Word to the Prophets, the word “prophet” means one who speaks of Love’s unfolding before it reveals itself to the world.  To give you some imagery, think of one who describes a rose before it blooms.  They describe the flower as it will become to someone who sees it only as it is and was.  That is the nature of prophecy.  

It’s all an illusion
But have respect
For people and their places
Because they must reflect

First they reject
Then introspect
Then test it on another
Finally connect

It’s like a mini death
Switching right to left
Remember that the future
Hasn’t happened yet

So when you speak the Love
Be mindful of the cause
The kingdom cannot profit
If your friend withdraws

© Copyright 2009 Pedro S. Silva II

One of the things that I’ve worked on in the past decade has been to meet people where they are.  I’ve been told that I can be a little intense.  I also had to develop a sense of respect for people’s boundaries, even when the person themselves asks for help or advice.  The best way that I’ve learned to do this is to give without being attached to the outcome.  I love people and it disturbs me when I watch them suffer for the sake of temporary sensations.  But at the end of the day, one can only give what another is willing to receive.  And once you let something go, you can’t do anything about another’s perception.  But as Mother Theresa taught, “Give anyway.”

I often have to remind myself that I am responsible for what I give and not what another receives.  If I give them a white rose, but they are wearing blue glasses, am I responsible for what they see?  No.  But, I will be mindful of their view of the world to the extent of my ability.  That’s compassion to me.  It’s how I make sense out of nonsense.  I hope this serves some of you well.

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