Introducing: The Communion Podcast – Episode 1 – Death


Death has been tripping me out lately. On the one year anniversary of me stepping out of the pulpit, two people that I was close to at my former church died. One was in his 80s. The other in her 90s. But then today, I found out that a friend who was only 38 died last week. 38. It’s sad. And it is life. Life and Death are not separate from one another. We can’t live with it and we can’t live without. What a freaking paradox.

After working on a TEDx event together going on two years ago Mercedez Davis, Katerina Jeng and I started scheduling conversations to talk about our different faith journeys. We recorded them first for ourselves but now, we’re sharing those recordings with others. Welcome to The Communion Podcast—a marriage between the Damaged and the Divine. In other words what it means to be human. And what better subject to tackle first than the thing most of us fear, Death. So, join us as we journey to the heart of what makes us human hungering for the Holy.

Listen to the entire episode below as well as a song I wrote 3 years ago challenging Death itself.

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