What are In-Divide-You-Alls? 

What are In-Divide-You-Alls?

I have never met an individual. I’ve met people who live as if they’re individuals. And I’ve tried and failed to be one in an effort to understand a concept that fundamentally makes no sense to me. But I’ve come to see that it didn’t work because I just can’t feel my separateness from all that’s going on in this field of creativity we call Life. I don’t know how so many of us seem to be pulling it off. How do we pretend like other people are non-entities? How do we say we are about God and love of neighbor as self and liberty and all the things we say to feel good about ourselves and then go do the opposite of what Love is about? How do we want things for ourselves and deny it for others? And even worse, make justification for the injustices that we know we’d never want for ourselves or our families. I literally don’t know. And 40 years of trying to figure it out has not helped.

In my experience, the individual, whatever it is supposed to be, cannot objectively exist. How can it? If the individual exists then we would not automatically affect or be affected by others. We wouldn’t try to manipulate others or any of those things. We do all of the things we engage in because of the fact that we’re interrelated and precisely because we’re not individuals. How can anyone, born through the passage of other beings, then decide that they are an individual all of a sudden—separate from all other people? I have come to the point where I feel that the belief in the individual is the root cause of every harmful thing that we do to each other and everything else.

There’s a reason why almost every religion or other expression of Spirituality teaches Oneness as fundamental reality. Deny it or not, but we’re all a part of one another partaking of One life giving Source. So, I apologize for anything I’ve said or done or will do that communicates anything other than this. I’m looking for a better way to articulate the world I see. Because, what we’re doing to each other makes no sense to me. And I don’t want to participate intentionally or unintentionally. There’s too much opportunity to live differently. And I’m taking it.

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